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Chocolates by Erin, makes a wide variety of handmade chocolate treats.  One of our products is a Handmade Designer Bark in over 20 different varieties ranging from our number one seller Dark Chocolate Cranberry Blueberry Almond to Milk Chocolate Hazelnut to White Chocolate Key Lime!  We have some wonderful family recipes for sweet treats such as Homemade Marshmallows to Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle to Peanut Butter Fudge.  All of the products that we make are dipped, poured or made by hand, with fillings that are made from scratch, with fresh salted roasted peanuts, pecans and almonds.  Chocolates by Erin can handle small orders for your personal gift giving to large corporate orders to elaborate chocolate and candy buffets for your wedding or special event.

We officially opened Chocolates by Erin on April 2, 2012. But I began my journey making different chocolate confections over 20 years ago.  While my husband and I were engaged, he introduced me to his family tradition of Easter chocolates.  We poured several of his family’s favorite candy molds and I was taught how to make Vanilla Nut and Maple Nut Opera Fudge. I was hooked from that moment!  Over the next decade, my orders grew to over 500 lbs. of chocolate Easter treats each year.  I also used my mom’s family recipe for her peanut butter filling to make filled chocolate eggs.

As the years passed, our family grew and our children had more and more activities, I slowed my chocolate making to just making for the family.  I took a break for several years to concentrate fully on my family.  In 2008, shortly after our oldest son graduated from high school, he passed away while waiting on a heart transplant.  To help cope with the loss of our son, I started working a few days a week at a local candy store. Well two days a week soon became five days a week and more.  I made some wonderful friends and rediscovered my love of chocolate.  The company that two of my dearest friends and I worked for, closed in February 2012.  I had been thinking about opening my own business for quite some time.  When I was sure that the company was relocating, I decided then and there that I was ready to open Chocolates by Erin.

There are always financial risks in opening your own business.  Where will you get the money from?  What if the venture fails? What if I decide that I don’t want to do this after a few months or a year?  Well, we chose an amount that we felt that we could live without, if the business didn’t go well.  We are approaching our 4 year anniversary, and I don’t see any of us not wanting to do this.  We all thoroughly enjoy the store and look forward to many more years of candy making.  One of the risks that I had not anticipated, was all of the time that the store was going to take away from my volunteer schedule.  I have had to cut back on a lot of my hours that I used to volunteer to various organizations.  Fortunately, my family helps me with the store a lot so I do get to see them lots!  Chocolates by Erin has introduced us to so many wonderful people, and we have had the opportunity to participate in many community events that it has filled the need that I had missed with my regular volunteering.

We have been fortunate to grow our business over the past four years.  We have been invited to many different events that have allowed us to expand our client base and meet truly amazing people. All of my chocolates are made from the heart and I can only hope you will enjoy them as much as me!

- Erin Rohr

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